Activities & Facilities

Activities at the Lodge

  • Hiking at Musaijja Mukulu hill – This hill is Historic as it is where Ssekabaka Mwanga and Omukama Kabalega fought for land and power back in the days.
  • Community walks – Here you will walk down to katasiha Fort where Omukama Kabalega’s cave is found and known as the magic hiding place where he could hide and the whites loose him during battle.
  • The Kibiro Hot Springs and Salt Gardens are found 35km North of Hoima Town in Kibiro fishing village, Kigorobya Sub-county near the shores of Lake Albert. A high escarpment is about 100 meters east of the springs and Lake Albert is less than a kilometer away west of the springs. The water from the spring is continuously boiling at 100 degrees as evidenced by the water bubbles. Fresh eggs, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, cassava or bananas can boil in the hot spring within a short time. The subterranean hot salty water from the springs forms a water stream which meanders until it pours in Lake Albert. Aquatic animals and salt processing is also seen in this area.
  •  Visiting the Karuziika Royal palace. The throne room includes the traditional nine legged throne swathed in leopard akin sans bark cloth, an array of spears, coins, royal headdresses and musical instruments are on display. The fee is $20 per person.
  • The Mparo Tombs are located about 3 miles from Hoima town; Mparo is the burial place of the kings of Bunyoro Kitara and their immediate relatives. Most notable is the tomb of the most famous kind of the kingdom, Kabalega, who staged several fierce battles with Buganda kingdom and rejected the British colonial rule for a long time. The fee is $20 per person.
  • Clients have a chance of participating in cooking the local African cuisine if they desire.
  • Cultural dancing by the Bunyoro traditional dancers
  • Interacting with the local community and talking to them about the Bunyoro culture.
  • Visit to the Butiaba Port, one of the urban areas along the shores of Lake Albert. The port is where the wreck of lake Steamer SS Corydon lies that sunk in the floods of 1962 during an era when the continent rift valley lakes where extensively used to transverse the continent. The town is a transit point to tourists en route to Murchison Falls National Park, the Butiaba escarpment and Bugungu Wildlife Reserve.
  • Kibiro Hot Springs: Kibiro hot spring is found approximately 35 km North West of Hoima town, within the Western Rift valley, at the shores of Lake Albert. The legendary salt works and mines of Bunyoro –Kitara Empire, Kibiro still prides itself as a salt mine. It also boasts of a hot spring, whose heath benefits continue to pull crowds of tourists.
  • Katasiha Fort. The fort is located about 3 km from Hoima town on the Hoima Butiaba road. The main attraction of the site is the impressive defensive trenches and caves constructed for various purposes.
  • Kyangwali Fort is located 80km west of Hoima town in Kyangwali Sub County. It was one of a series of fortifications built by Captain Frederick Lugard in his fight against Omukama Kabaleega in the 1870’s.

Activities in Masindi

  • Budongo Forest Reserve. It is the most extensive and ecologically diverse forest in East Africa with over 465 plant species recorded, is located about 40 km( 25 miles to the west of Masindi on the Masindi Butiaba road).
  • Kaniyo Pabidi Eco Tourism Center is located about 25 km along the Masindi – Paraa road in Pakanyi Sub County, Kaniyo Pabidi Eco tourism center is of equal importance. In addition to forest/ nature and primate walks and bird watching, the area is famous for easy chimpanzee viewing.
  • Busingiro Tourism Center. It is located in Bujenje County close to Budongo Forest reserve some 40km on the Masindi Butiaba road. Busingiro Tourism Center offers forest/ nature and primate walks and bird watching in Budongo Forest Reserve.
  • The Royal Mile. The Royal Mile is a road stretch constructed by one of the Bunyoro Kitara kings for leisure/ nature walk, is a key attraction for visitors to Budongo Forest near Nyabyeya Forestry College in Budongo Sub County.

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