Activities & Facilities

Activities at the Lodge

  • Gorilla tracking
  • Golden monkey tracking
  • birding
  • Nature walks
  • Batwa experience
  • Story telling by the bonfire

With breathtaking views over Lake Mulehe there are many other activities on offer such as hiking in the Virungas, gorilla tracking, boat trips on Lake Mulehe or Lake Mutanda, village walks, forest walks and golden monkey trekking at Mgahinga NP.

The Lodge is dedicated to the conservation of Uganda’s natural and cultural resources and supports local tourism initiatives and socio-economic activities within in the area which guests are encouraged to be part of during their stay.

  • Birding: Birding is done along the lake shores of Lake Mulehe as well as within the community. There are a number of bird species including pied kingfisher, malachite kingfisher , sacred ibis, hadada ibis ,Great white pelican, African fish Eagle, paradise , and white tailed blue fly catchers, crakes, Batises and many others.

This activity takes between 2 – 3 hours 

  • Batwa cultural experience:

This walk is conducted by Batwa guides who provide insights into their traditional forest life and culture. The Batwa demonstrate their past hunting techniques; ways of gathering honey. The guides will point out the medicinal plants that were used and demonstrate how to make bamboo cups, making fire my crushing the two sticks together. Guests are finally invited to the sacred Ngarama Cave, once home to the Batwa King. The women of the community perform a cultural dance and you can participate in their dance. (The Batwa are 2 km away from the lodge and the activity takes 3-4 hrs).

  • Canoe ride (canoeing) This done along two nearby lakes that is Lake Mulehe and Lake Mutanda. Through this activity people are able to sport different species of birds and as well visit some places like Punishment Island on Lake Mutanda and also visit the cave in the island where the king used to stay.
  • The village walk( Community walk): Here we share with you the culture and the day today living of the community. During the community walk you also get to visit the traditional healer, craft women that will share knowledge on how to make the crafts, black smith and finally a visit to local breweries where you learn how to make the local gin from sorghum and bananas.
  • Storytelling by bonfire: Offered as a complimentary to our in-house guests, we share with you different stories about the community, the kings and the traditional ruling system. This is always done at the lodge towards evening time at the fireplace.
  • Cultural/Traditional dancers: As you enjoy your chilly drink by the bonfire, you will be entertained by our cultural dancers with exhilarating Kikiga dance moves .

Lodge Facilities

Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge is equipped with the following services and facilities:
• Free Wifi at the lounge
• Number of Rooms: 12
• Room Types: Double/Twin
• Each room has a bath tub and shower with hot water.
• We offer full body Massage

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